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A New Website Launches to Fight Back Against Packaged Bank Accounts

July 25th, 2014

Kangaroole Mis Sold Packaged Bank AccountsThis week I saw a very interesting press released, which resonated hugely with me.  It was from a company called Kangaroodle who have set-up in the UK with the express intention of fighting back against the banks to help UK consumers to reclaims the unfair fees that have been levied on packaged bank accounts.  You can see the website if you click here.

The premise is very simple. Recent news reports and articles in newspapers have highlighted a bad practice where high street banks in the UK would charge their customers for almost worthless add-ons for their bank account.  According to independent watchdogs and financial authorities this can now be labelled as the mis-selling of packaged bank accounts.  Customers were sometimes not made aware that the insurances that they were signing-up to were in effect worthless and offered them no value.

According to the press release from Kangaroodle, mis sold packagaed bank accounts are more common than you would think with thousands of people in the UK being affected by this.  There is literally a lot of money that can now be made on reclaims – which is where Kangaroodle comes in as they have a call centre that helps UK consumers to find out if they can make a claim and how much money they are owed.

It should be an interesting few months in the financial industry and I am very keen to see if other similar websites start to pop up offering compensation assistance for mis sold packaged bank accounts.  Either way, I would imagine that the banks are probably running scared right now!

Some of the Biggest Pay Outs of Compensation for Personal Injury Claims from around the World

April 14th, 2014

Most people are surprised when they learn that there are so many different types of compensation claims in existence around the world today. From employees filing claims as a result of injuries suffered to individuals and companies filing breach of contract, the number of claims filed consists of a wide diversity of grievances and scenarios.

Because all of these injuries, deaths, and diseases can vary greatly from one situation to another, the monetary compensation that people receive will also show a large gap. Listed below are some cases that have made the headlines and they represent areas from numerous jurisdictions across the world.

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Agnes Collier

The largest monetary pay out in English history was recorded in 2012. Agnes Collier, an English college student who was 17 at the time of her car accident was awarded 23 million pounds for her injuries and the death of her mother. This award consisted for 7 million pounds as her 1st upfront payment along with a 270,000 pound annual sum for the remaining part of her life. The sum that she receives will cover her care for severe problems that involves severe injuries.

Milly Evans

At birth, her heart rate was not monitored properly by the attending medical staff resulting permanent injuries. This claim was administered on her behalf because she was left with a diversity of disabilities (i.e. unable to speak and wheel chair bound etc.). The monetary settlement provided to her and the family, totaled 10.8 million pounds (5.9 million pounds one lump sum and then $200,000 increments).

Joseph O’Reggio

In addition to Milly’s Evan’s child birth negligence case, Joseph O’Reggio was also awarded a huge payout through the courts. At time of his birth, the NHS was responsible for the brain damage that he currently suffers from. As it leaves him afflicted with severe difficulty that consists of cerebral palsy, he has to have constant care. The award that he and his family received was in the amount of $6 million pounds.

Zachary Quinn

Zachary Quinn is currently noted in Australian’s history as one of the largest pay outs awarded. This case was also based on negligence that occurred to his mother during her pregnancy. Instead of the mother receiving the proper care prior to her hospital release, the attending staff only performed cursory checks that resulted in complications that was discovered after he was born. The award that Zachary’s family received totalled more than $9 million dollars in damages.

Child Abuse Pay out

The family of Robbie Williams received an award that the defendant, Don Wilburn Collins could not possibly pay. Based on the record books, this Texas judge order Collins to pay an amount $150 billion dollars, which is not only symbolic to the gravity of the case but also legally binding. In 1988, the events in this case involved child abuse along with circumstances that involved Don Wilburn Collins setting the young man on fire after dousing him with gasoline.

Students Studying Law in the United Kingdom – Where to Visit on a Tour

March 28th, 2014

Whilst in my late teens and early twenties I travelled to the UK to study aspects of International Law.  If you have ever been in a room full of law students you will know how they are quite a lively bunch and don’t actually conform to what you might think a legal professional would be – at least not when in their down-time.  Being a law student is a whole heap of fun, and managing to combine being a student with touring around Europe was one of the best experiences of my life – and still holds great memories to this day.  Places I loved travelling to on some of the many student tours I went on included London, Edinburgh, Stone Henge, and The Lake District.

One company that I can recommend are Indigo Student Tours UK.  They are based in Bournemouth and offer a very friendly service dedicated to helping students finding the best tours and trips around the United Kingdom. It was these guys that I used when planning my student tours with my peers.  I spoke to the guy running the company last month and he’s still going strong and is trying to position himself and the Indigo Student Tours company as the leading and number one UK based student travel agency – based on my experience I’d say he’s not far off becoming that.

Student Clubbing Tours to London

In terms of the best places to go on a tour when a student, then the London trips were up there with the best of them.  We visited the Houses of Parliament, Buckingham Palace, the Madam Tussauds Wax Work Museum – plus loads of trips to some of the major nightclubs at the time.  Many of my friends were into the hard house sound at the time and went to Trade at Turnmills, The Fridge for Superfish, and The End which was slightly smaller but had an amazing sound system fitted.

London is just brilliant for clubbing and you can either go through a bona fide student travel agency to book a clubbing student tour, or arrange the whole thing yourself.  I preferred to use a student tours company though because they took a lot of the hassle out of travel arrangements and itineraries.  We used to have some mad times on the coach up to London.

Edinburgh is a Great Student Tour for Culture

If you are after something a little bit cultural then I would recommend a student tour to Edinburgh.  I also visited Glasgow on a student trip, but I found it quite industrial and a little dirty.  Edinburgh though is quite simply stunning.  Amazing history, architecture, as well as really lovely restaurants.  If you do go there then I would recommend that you try Haggis – I’ve no idea what’s in it, but it tastes darn good.  It’s kind of like a meat patty.  Here’s a website which has some suggested places to visit in Edinburgh.

Overall, if you are a law student, and you get the opportunity to travel then make sure you check out some of the available student tours around the UK.  It can be a real eye opener and if anything made me a better legal professional.

New Personal Injury Solicitors Launch in Southampton

February 26th, 2014

This week I was contacted by an old friend of mine who is setting up a new firm of personal injury solicitors in the Southampton area of the UK.  I am more than happy to give him a recommendation as during my time working with him in London a few years back he was without any doubt one of the most conscientious personal injury solicitors that I had ever had the pleasure of working with, and he had many happy and satisfied clients.

jerrycollinsinjuryHis name is Jerry Collins and I personally believe that his new company will quickly become the best personal injury solicitors in Southampton (external link that goes to his website). In terms of his credentials he has been working in the legal industry for many years and is now the branch manager in Southampton for his new personal injury firm.  Throughout my time working with him in the personal injury field he always displayed an excellent aptitude towards customer service and was one of the more human personal injury solicitors that I ever encountered during my career in England.

The Best for Personal Injury Claims in Southampton

His plan is to assemble a crack team of lawyers that will serve the city of Southampton as well as the surrounding areas of the county of Hampshire.  I have no doubt that they will soon become a leading injury and accident claims company, working many times on a no win and no fee basis.

He is also a massive fan of Southampton Football Club as well as being involved in the local community helping out youngsters learn how to play rugby. In fact, one of my favourite memories of Jerry is a rugby tour that we did to Hong Kong back in the late 1990s… I can tell you that going on a journey like this with a plane load of solicitors and lawyers who also love rugby was one of the most frightening experiences of my life! Thanks Jerry!

So to conclude, if you have been injured in an accident that wasn’t your fault and need some expert guidance for an injury or accident compensation claim then 100% recommend that you talk to Jerry Collins and the team at Personal Injury Solicitors Southampton – they will be able to help you and will guide you through the whole process with easy to understand instructions as well as telling you exactly what you can expect.

Personal Injury Lawyer Interview: Jason Tweedy from London

December 16th, 2013

Jason Tweedy - London Personal Injury LawyerJason Tweedy is one of the leading personal injury lawyers in London (click to view his website).  I spent some time this week catching up with him to talk about the “ins and outs” of personal injury law and some of the more interesting cases that he has had to deal with in the UK.

Hi Jason, thanks for agreeing to be interviewed on the website.  Could you tell us firstly how you heard about the Dinheiro De Verdade legal blog? 

Yes sure, no problem.  It was actually a couple of weeks back when you kindly linked to our new website when talking about London personal injury solicitors.  I got a notification of this from one of our web team, had a look at your blog, and decided I’d get in touch to say thank you and to see if we could do anymore work together.

Note from Editor: Jason is referring to a recent post we made about the basics of personal injury claims.

How long have you been working as a lawyer in the field of personal injury?

Wow, well it’s a long time put it that way, although it’s only really been the last decade that the industry has developed into the large one that it is today.  I started out after graduating in law from university.  I had always wanted to be a lawyer, and personal injury seemed to be a good fit for me as I’ve always like to help people as much as I can.

What’s the strangest personal injury case that you have ever had to deal with?

Obviously I cannot be too explicit due to client confidentiality… but there is one personal injury claim that springs to mind.  A young man approached me who had worked in a bakery.  It was around Easter time and he had been tasked by his boss to create some dough bunnies – unfortunately I don’t have a photo.  The air inside the dough bunnies had expanded during the baking process and when he took them from the oven an explosion occurred which left him with some very nasty burns to the hands.  He had to take three months off work in order to recover.  This is just one example of a strange personal injury case – believe me when I say that there are far more but unfortunately I cannot talk about them.  The exploding bunnies one was in the press so that can be spoken about.

We won the accident claim and the client was very well compensated for their accident.  Another happy customer to add to the growing ranks of existing ones I have had down the years.

What makes your London personal injury claims firm stand out from the competition?

Good question. I think it’s mainly our approachability.  Most personal injury solicitors are by their nature qualified to the highest levels due to the demands of the industry so there’s not always that much to set them apart.  What I would say though is, many lawyers, especially in the London area are not always the most approachable of people – that’s what my clients say. They like the fact that our solicitors and lawyers are very laid back and easy to talk to.  They make the injury claims process very simple to understand and don’t tend to confuse people about the whole process.  This really is invaluable when it comes to claiming for accidents and personal injury compensation.

Is there anything you would like to plug to the readers of the Dinheiro De Verdade legal blog?

Ha ha, yes definitely, although I think you’ve already done quite a good for me already! At the moment my team and I are putting together a new website about personal injury law in London.  If you’ve not already linked out to me in this interview then there’s a page we’ve just completed which I would love to shout about a bit more which is the newly published London injury claims page – on there prospective clients will be able to find out everything there is to know about what we do and how we do it.  Take a look!

The Basics of Personal Injury Claims & When to Use a Solicitor

November 18th, 2013
personal injury icon

Personal Injuries are not fun so make sure you explore compensation options.

This post was written by a London personal injury solicitor that I know.  The advice can be applied for most countries where personal injury law is in effect.

Accidents happen, unfortunately, sometimes they might happen to you.  When you are in an accident, or if you are injured by something or someone, that in itself is stressful enough.  Worrying about how to get your bills paid while you recover from something that is not your fault just adds to that.  Do you have legal options for your injuries?

Welcome to the world of personal injury claims.  When you are hurt and it is not your fault, you do have options, and that is in the form of a personal injury claim.  If you are hurt due to the negligence of others, you have a valid personal injury claim and can employ the services of a solicitor to assist you in the legal process.

What is Personal Injury?

A personal injury is any injury that you receive due to the negligence of another.  Death due to the negligence of another also falls under personal injury claims, so you can file a personal injury claim on behalf of another, if their death was due to the negligence of somebody else.  A personal injury can be something physical such and an injury, an illness or a disease or it can be something psychological.

Psychological injury or illness can be due to stress, harassment, discrimination, abuse or injury by another, or due to being the victim of a crime.  These are just a few examples, if you think you have been psychologically damaged by another, you very likely have a claim and should seek counsel from a London expert personal injury solicitor (I recommend this one).

Physical injuries could happen in any matter of ways: tripping over a cracked sidewalk, to being hurt during a crime that another committed, to being injured by a faulty product, or sickened by bad food, being injured at work or any other injury that was caused by something or somebody else.

Personal injury claims can fall under a few different categories including:

  • Road traffic accidents
  • Criminal injury
  • Trip/Slip/Fall accidents
  • Work accidents
  • Public liability
  • All other, including an injury sustained during medical treatment

What to Do When You Are Injured

First of all, if you have been hurt by another person, such as if you have been in a road accident of if you are the victim of a crime and have been hurt, you should notify the police.  Police reports are very helpful for personal injury claims.  If you have been in an auto accident, you need to also inform your insurance company, even though you are not at fault, you still need to notify them right away.

You need to document the injury fully.  Take notes if you need to, what led up to it, what happened, who was involved, etc.  The more information you can document, the better your personal injury claim will be.  You need evidence that proves that you were not at fault; if there are any witnesses to the incident that injured you make sure that you get their name, address and contact information.  Take photos of the situation as well, you cannot document an injury too much.

You should see a doctor about your injury, even if it is minor.  You will need your medical records to document and prove that you were injured and if you never went to the doctor, then you will have no medical proof of the injury.

If you are injured at work, or sick due to your job, then you need to notify your employer so that they can document the incident or injury in their accident book.  If your employer does not have an accident book, you need to write out a written notice that fully explains the incident details and what your injuries and give the original to your employer and keep a copy for yourself.

And finally, in order to give you the best chance possible of winning compensation you should employ the services of a personal injury solicitor.

Personal Injury Claims Compensation

There are two types of compensation for personal injury claims; special damaged and general damages.  General damages are what are paid to compensate you for your injury and do not include costs that you have already incurred.  Loss of future earnings and pain and suffering are two types of general damage compensation types.  Your compensation amount is determined by the court.

Special damages include compensation for all of the actual financial losses that you incurred because of the accident or incident.  This includes your medical bills, cost of repairing your property, travel costs to receive medical help, etc.

Getting Legal Help

Do not delay in obtaining a personal injury solicitor because you do not have an indefinite amount of time to file your claim.  There are time limits on when you can file; for example, for a personal injury claim for negligence, the claim needs to be filed within three years of the incident.  Here’s a video from that solicitor I recommended earlier in the blog post.

It is advised that you contact a solicitor shortly after being injured instead of delaying.  You will need to provide copies of all of your documentation to the solicitor, including copies of all pictures.   They will be able to explain to you what their costs are, what your likely compensation is and any other relevant details for your claim.

Your solicitor will send the defendant a claim letter, which details out the injury and the incident details.  The defendant has a set amount of time in which to reply to this letter, three months or less in most cases.

If they reply that they accept liability, then the next step is to negotiate a settlement offer.  Most personal injury claims are settled out of court.  Your solicitor will find out from you what amount of compensation you are seeking and will request that as a settlement, which is referred to as a Part 36 offer.  The defendant can accept it, or they can reply with their own Part 36 offer.

If the defendant denies all liability or will not settle, then you can choose to take legal action them by taking the defendant to court.  If you go to court, keep in mind that you can be responsible for paying the defendant’s legal costs if you lose and since there is no legal aid for personal injury cases in the UK, which this can be a big amount, especially since you have your personal injury solicitor to pay as well.  If costs are an issue, ask your solicitor about using a “no win no fee” agreement and if you win the case, you will need to pay a “success fee” out of your court awarded compensation.

Personal Injury & Filing For Bankruptcy

January 30th, 2014

What can we do to have this not be included in there bankruptcy? She was only 5 months old and they broke her leg , they did not call us did not call 911 these were grown adults , and she was left in her car seat for hours and then yanked and broken. I can say it no other way they broke my baby. Now they want to get away without paying her medical and suffering its bologna. Please any help you can. I think I found an answer. Join in as an interested party and challenge their bankruptcy. You can challenge their right to get relief. Tell the bankruptcy judge what they did to your child. I'm sure the bankruptcy judge would often know about this. Put in a protest. List yourself as a creditor. Do get involved in their bankruptcy, okay?

The Basics Of Personal Injury Claims & When To Use

December 18th, 2013

I'm an adult and started to play tennis late in my life and now would often start playing tennis competitively. Although, I've learnt (not mastered yet) all basics of tennis strokes, read many articles, books on tennis, experienced a couple of local tennis teaching academies,etc, I still have doubts. The teaching elements though are same on some aspects of the game (like swing should be complete, brush the ball to generate spin etc), the coaches differ in their opinion on many other aspects. In one coaching academy, the coach introduced me to singlehanded backhand and then after months, when I started to get the rhythm and placement right, he made me to change to twohanded backhand telling that I can generate more power, although I wasn't comfortable with two handed and even I couldn't hit the ball correctly with twohanded. In another academy, the coach, asked me to brush the ball by tilting the racket forward during the swing, rather than a loop – downward to upward swing. In the third academy, the coach asked me to take the two handed backhand from above like loop rather than taking strainght back. As I switched over to this, I couldn't hit so comfortably as before. He also, tells to rotate my wrist more but my opinion for topspin is to rotate hand rather than only wrist to avoid injury Also, most coaches in the academies I was in were against me tossing the ball in natural hand movement (which I have seen on videos available on you tube as shown by coaches of respective academies – I mean holding the ball like ice cream cone with 3 fingers and then tossing ) rather than resting the ball on the base of 4 fingers. Then, I paid my hard earned money and joined a training programme that claims, the best in the city or country to some extent. Its headed by ITF level 2 coach, but I observed that the junior coaches who train us have their own differences on many aspects including whether my backfoot has to come forward, although hitting forehand or not. According to one coach, it is right, but other coach discourage doing so. Each of these coaches are one-time national level players. In pro tennis, we see players having their differences in playing the strokes, but the coaches here are not allowing to choose my own style, howmuchever, I'm convinced that it suits me as I explained above. I don't know, how its in developed countries, but in my country, this is the situation from my point of view. So, how should I move up the ladder to become a good player. Do, I have to stick to one academy/coach and learn irrespective of my personal opinion /thinking about these things? Or, as an adult, can I practice and learn on my own( wall practice, ball machine, some practice with ball boy/hitter) with some virtual coaching/opinions of coaches on net, of course?( I prefer this, not because I can save money, although that is also an important factor but because, I think I can learn in one way by avoiding confusion from mine and coach's opinion. Infact, I learnt serve this way with much practice on my own in 1/3rd of time during my holidays than the time I spent in academies, for many months). Now, many coaches say, I have good serve but not the groundstrokes . ) Am I not understanding something here as I started to play tennis late? Does an adult player essentially need a coach? Thank you. Basically… I feel your pain. The problem is that tennis is such a highly technical game, you do need a coach for it. Several coaches still do not understand that coaching is about guiding, not forcing. I'magine if a coach forced Sampras to stick to his two hand backhand, or someone forced Nadal to be a serve and volleyer. . If you feel that your technique is relatively strong, and your strokes are proving it, ask your coach to work more on tactics, footwork and consistency drills than technique. You should be allowed to choose your own style, you pay the coach's salary after all. You are his boss. Not the other way around. If a coach has a problem with that, you have the freedom to choose to go to another coach.

How to Find a Reputable Personal Injury Lawyer in Your Local Area

December 7th, 2013

If you have suffered an injury at work, it is extremely important to find a personal injury lawyer who can do a good job, no matter who you think was responsible for the accident. A good injury lawyer will help you to resolve who is responsible for any damages you have suffered and will let you know if the prosecution case is a good idea. The Prosecutor should be open and friendly. The personal injury lawyer should work to fully understand your injuries and grievances, and he or she must take the time to explain the procedure recommended action. In addition, a good personal injury lawyer will work you understand what type of settlements or payments you can expect from your accident.

In general, an attorney who has handled many cases in your state is the type of work injury lawyer better equipped to assist you with your claim. Before visiting, ask the personal injury lawyer working on his own experience in the field. Is this broad? If it is, and if they have settled many cases of success, then you know you have a personal injury lawyer work who knows all the nuances and features of the worker’s compensation system. The personal injury lawyer must have handled a case similar to yours otherwise they are not worth talking to? If the result of previous claims they have covered were a success, then you can be confident that you are working with a competent personal injury lawyer. A good work injury lawyer will ask a lot of questions to understand the situation. Beware of any personal injury lawyer who seems disinterested or does not seem to require a lot of information – those are the ones to avoid!

Worker’s compensation cases can become very complex. So it’s usually a good idea to look for a work injury lawyer as soon as possible. Get a personal injury lawyer early in the process so they can make important contributions and advice with regards to your medical treatment. Also, work injury lawyer will be able to gather valuable evidence for your case so it’s worth having them involved very early on.

When you go to deal with insurance companies before consulting a personal injury lawyer then you might find that your claim is disputed. This means that the insurance company may start gathering evidence and build a case against you. And while it is never too late to contact a personal injury lawyer, if you wait then challenges with the insurance company can occur. It is always a good idea to contact a personal injury lawyer to work as soon as possible.

It is also a good idea to keep copies of everything related to your injury lawyer your work injury. This means that all hospital bills and details of your benefit payment. Contact your personal injury lawyer immediately with any new information or if something changes about your injuries. And always follow the advice of your doctor. Engage in not recommended by your doctor activities could damage your case.

The Yellow PagesThe best first step to finding a good job injury lawyer is to just open the yellow pages or search the Internet for a work injury lawyer in your area. But you must Contact several personal injury lawyers to get a feel for their personality and a sense of professionalism – you can then choose between them. A good personal injury lawyer will be open and ready to answer more fundamental questions on the phone.

An injury at work can be a life changing event. When you find a good work injury lawyer who has your interests at heart, you will get the compensation you deserve and the peace of mind you need.

Personal Injury & Filing for Bankruptcy

December 4th, 2013

I recently heard this story from a friend of mine and thought I would share it on the blog as it discusses some important factors about personal injury cases and gives me the opportunity to share my own experiences and expertise.  These are the words of my friend, not my own.

I am suing a business now for a personal injury (slip and fall), but my bills have become overwhelming and now I am being sued by a creditor. Is it a good idea to file bankruptcy during my personal injury case? Please answer if you have experience with this, thank you.

I think I have the answer. Filing a bankruptcy while you have a personal injury claim will make that claim become property of the bankruptcy estate. The trustee will keep the case open when it takes to determine if there is money available. If there is money available it may be seized for the benefit of your creditors. One of the questions in the bankruptcy documents specifically asks if you have a claim, or a potential claim, against someone where you could receive money. Even if you say no the trustee will easily find out, attach the claim anyway, then possibly refer you for criminal prosecution.